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May 6, 1945.  Wageningen, The Netherlands.  German officers arriving at the Hotel De Wereld to sign the capitulation. 

Prince Bernard drove up in the car that had belonged to Seyss-Inquart -- for five long years the Nazi Reichskommisar (adminstrator) of the Netherlands. Presumably the car at the right. Photos by unknown colleague of my father.

The bombing of Rotterdam.  May 4, 1940. Photos by Martien van Houten

April 19, 1944.  A V-1 flying bomb launch pad and a failed V-1 bomb in the Nijreesbos park near the eastern town of Almelo, the Netherlands. Photos taken by an unknown colleague of my father.  Confirmation by Henk Koopman, V-1 expert affiliated with the Memory Museum in Almelo. Yes, that is my father Capt. J.A. van Houten in photo at the right.


​​From the London Blitz to the Liberation of Holland